Additional Inscriptions

When you already have a memorial on a grave space and somebody else passed away, the grave needs to be opened so the memorial will need to be removed.

This is for health and safety reasons and to prevent the memorial becoming damaged.

Most funeral directors will instruct a memorial mason to remove the stone on your behalf. Unless you use an independent funeral director you may find your memorial is taken to a different area than where it was removed from, this will make it more difficult for you when you are trying to arrange future work to the memorial.

You may however find it more personal to arrange this yourself with your preferred mason.

This way you know exactly where the stone is and how much it is going to cost before anyone has been instructed.

Once we have removed a memorial on behalf of a client, it is stored in our secure storage facility. After the funeral has passed we would send an invoice for the removal costs and a stone report detailing the original inscription on the memorial, what space is available for additional lettering, advise if the stone needs cleaning, lettering repainting and any other costs involved.

It is stored free of charge for 6 months until the grave has settled sufficiently for it to be fitted back with the additional lettering having been completed.

Memorials removed for additional lettering will be fitted back with a single anchor system where it is mandatory to do so or if the client requests it.


Follow this link for the explanation of the Single Anchor System