Types of lettering

Sandblast lettering

This system offers a variety of fonts and sizes, the bottom of a sandblast letter is flat and has a slightly pitted effect from where the grit has blasted the lettering away.



Incimar letteringĀ 

This is where a large engraving machine is used to produce a letter that has the appearance of a hand carved letter with a ‘v’ cut centre but you are restricted to size and font. The majority being in roman capitals although one upper and lower case font is available for epitaphs.

Hand carved lettering

We are fortunate enough to have one of the best hand carvers in the country. An average hand carved inscription will take approximately several days to carve depending on the inscription. It is carved with much love and great care. Each memorial becomes a unique piece if craftsmanship.

Lettering finish

Once carved, lettering can be left natural, finished with enamel or gold paint or gilded using traditional 23.5 carat gold leaf.